Marie Drucker

Marie Drucker

TV host, writer and producer

2 May 2024, at Hôtel Fouquet’s Barrière

Marie Drucker’s journey in the media industry spans over three decades, during which she has become a household name in France. As a journalist for twenty years and now as the presenter and producer of the weekly newsmagazine “Infrarouge” and the documentary magazine “Au bout de l’enquête,” Marie has captivated audiences with her insightful reporting and storytelling. Her work also extends to the prime time magazine “France Grand Format,” where she sheds light on major social issues.

With a diverse background working for outlets like I-Télé, Canal+, and public television, Marie has established herself as a trusted journalist and executive editor. Her roles have included anchoring prime time news, hosting current affairs programs, and leading special news features that tackle global issues affecting Europe and beyond.

Beyond her contributions to television and radio, Marie is also a director, with acclaimed documentaries such as “Plongée dans l’Amérique profonde” and “Détenues” to her credit. Her latest mini-series, “Elles ont toutes une histoire,” has resonated with over 12 million viewers.

Marie Drucker’s reach extends beyond the screen as she produces various documentaries – notably “November 13th” for Netflix on the terrorist attacks in Paris – through her company No School Productions and engages in literary pursuits, writing books. Recently, she released her latest book titled “Bien manger pour être en forme!”