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Leadhers is built around the idea of meaningful exchange. We create bonds across generations to empower younger women and aid them in accomplishing their goals.


Leadhers is always interested in welcoming new mentors to share their experiences with the next generation of female leaders.   

We are looking to welcome experienced women who have had enriching careers and wish to give back through the sharing of their insights.

We value diversity in our mentors, and welcome women across sectors and career paths.


Are you looking for inspiration? Leadhers is a great support system to help promising female leaders launch their careers.

We embrace young female students who are open-minded and looking to broaden their horizons through inter-generational mentoring.

We look for young leaders who have a clear career orientation and are driven to achieve their goals.

If you feel that our values resonate with you and you wish to join us on our journey, please do not hesitate to get in contact.