Mentored by Cynthia Tobiano Rozenblum, Deputy CEO Groupe Edmond de Rothschild and Ingrid BROCHARD, MUMO founder.

Léa is a student at Sciences Po, majoring in economics and sociology. Born in Beirut, she had her first novel published at the age of 14, and her second novel became a bestseller on Amazon France. Léa created a non-profit organisation called Aïda to help children and teenagers with cancer, and to fund research on childhood cancer. Aïda has raised more than €1m, helped more than 1000 families in France, and rallied 700 young volunteers around the cause.

Impact LeadHers had on Léa

In 2019, Léa participated in our dinner with Ariane de Rothschild. Only 19 years old at the time, Léa already had extraordinary accomplishments.

Did Léa need a mentor?

With all this experience, Léa was still very eager to learn from other women. We matched her with two mentors: Ingrid Brochard, founder of MuMo, helped Léa with public fundraising, and they are currently working on a collaboration between their two associations.

Léa’s second mentor, Cynthia. Tobiano Rozenblum, deputy CEO of Groupe Edmond de Rothschild, became a great source of support and encouragement for Léa and helped her with new projects.

The perfect example of how women can support and empower each other at any stage in their careers.