Mentored by Eléonore Vasseur, High performance Coach at The Life Design Agency.

Master Marketing: New Luxury & Art de Vivre – Sciences Po

Salomé is a masters’ student in marketing at Sciences Po, specialising in new luxury and art de vivre. Her bachelor’s at Sciences Po ws in economics and sociology, and she spent an exchange semester in Bocconi University in Milan studying management and marketing. Last year, she interned at Tenaka, an environmental start-up building partnerships with luxury brands to help restore the ocean. She is particularly interested in how luxury houses can combine tradition, heritage and high value with the new challenges of today: sustainability and digitalisation.

Salomé plans to take a gap year starting this summer, and is looking to merge these interests into a meaningful internship within a luxury house. Prior to coming to Sciences Po, she lived in Asia for 12 years and speaks Chinese.

Impact of LeadHers’ Mentoring Program

The greatest impact has been for Salomé how she gained confidence. Every time she felt pressured or lost, meeting with Anne-Éléonore was clearly a boost. What has particularly struck her during their conversations is the following: “In any case, thinking that you will succeed or not, you will always be right”. This quote by her mentor meant that you are responsible for your success. Thus, if you think you are going to succeed, then you will succeed. However, if you doubt your capacities, then you will fail. Such a mindset really helped her to go through the application process, it really changed her perspective when it comes to her capacities.