Mentored by Laure LAMM, principal private equity at Edmond de Rothschild

Sarah is a French student pursuing a finance and strategy master’s degree at Sciences Po Paris. As part of her studies, during her third year, she went to Russia to study international relations. She also supported an online business club named Newpolis, which aims to interview leaders from all around the world about current affairs.

After growing up in the southern suburbs of Paris, Sarah is committed to helping young people in their career choices. She has helped animate conferences around figures such as Ryad Boulanouar, who created the Nickel alternative bank account. Sarah would like to join a financial institution that supports sustainable and social projects.

Impact of LeadHers’ mentoring program

Sarah joined LeadHers in 2019 as part of the dinner with Corinne Vigreux, co-founder of TomTom.

Because Sarah wants to pursue a career in private equity or financial consulting, we matched her with mentor Laure Lamm-Coutard, Principal at Edmond de Rothschild Private Equity.

Not only did Laure put Sarah in touch with valuable contacts, she also taught her an important lesson about the sector: to be successful in finance, having people skills and building relationships is more important than anything else.

But Sarah believes the learning process in mentorship is a two-way street. In Sarah’s words: “Different generations can learn from each other. I believe that every woman brings different things to the table, and LeadHers gives a safe space to inspire each other.”

Laure and Sarah are still in touch with each other, and we cannot wait to see where Sarah’s career will take her once she graduates next year.